Reaping awards locally, nationwide and internationally, the Eco-House is designed and owned by Engr. Nestor D. Archival, a professional electrical engineer from Cebu City, Philippines.


The only of its kind in the Philippines, and better known internationally as “A house close to nature”, the Archival Eco house has embodied a household-based sustainable environment living. A physical center that is nature in itself, the Eco House is integrated with sustainable features that enhance the environment, making it sufficient to operate on its own.

With the installation of different facilities such as the Bio-gas, Solar Energy system and Wind mill power turbines, these allows the house to sufficiently acquire the electrical requirement s needed for operation without having to subscribe to a commercial electric utility provider.

Named after by its owner, Nestor Archival and an Engineer by profession, the Eco house was built in 2005 as a realization for his commitment of protecting the environment.  Pushed by his idealism and commitment as a City Councilor, heading the Committee on Environment, Nestor Archival, transformed such zeal to a concrete environmental strategy demonstrating the Eco House as man-made edifice of nature conservation at a higher level and adheres to alternative green living.

Solid waste management programs were systematical implemented at the Eco House too enhance the environment further, through conservation of valuable resources such as energy and water.

Highly featured in different media outlet like the ABS CBN TV Patrol and Jessica Soho of GMA Network, the Eco House is credited to be the first sustainable and self-sufficient house in Cebu and the entire country.  The Eco House is a legacy of its unwavering commitment for the preservation and protection of the environment and shall continue to practice the concept of environment friendly living. Along with its facilities created at the area, this will pioneer and will continuously promote a house-hold based sustainable environment living.